Pest Control Services

Clearwell's range of Pest Control Services are designed to suit every type of business requirements. From our "Clearweb" internet based reporting service to our E.W.S (Early Warning System) we have a tailor-made service for your premises. Whether the premises is a Shop, Pub, Restaurant or a larger Retail unit or Food Production site we have a service available to meet your or your customers specifications.

With "Clearweb" each routine service incorporates the use of mobile P.D.A technology with all reports including digital photography, Data Graphs and a K.P.I scoring system allowing a departmental and inter site comparison ideal for Group Technical Personnel.

Our "E.W.S" service is designed specifically for the smaller premises and again can be tailored to your specifications. 4, 6 or 8 Inspections are available with the installation of Tamper resistant Rodent and Insect Monitoring Equipment fitted as standard to help detect the earliest signs of pest activity.

Our "Premier" reporting service incorporates all the pest control requirements of a food production site. The specification includes 8 Routine service and 4 Technical Inspections per year, secured and dated tamper resistant internal and external rodent and insect monitoring equipment. Technical Inspections include the use of digital photography and data graphs. All our staff have at a minimum the B.P.C.A Diploma and Health, Hygiene and Safety qualifications.